Here are a selection of blogs that I have found. They have made the cut because there are certain things I like about them and may want to include in my blog in the future.

Fabulous 5S (Epping Heights Primary School) –

Reasons this blog is effective:

  • Clean layout, lots of white space making it easy to read
  • Provides rules about Blogging and what is expected of students when contributing to the blog.
  • Includes news, information, notices for parents, updates, class work, events, student and teacher contributions making this blog relevant for all involved.
  • There are regular posts which make the blog up-to-date and interesting, giving motivation for people to re-visit regularly.
  • The class/teacher make use of various modes of media such as photographs, sound clips, video clips, text etc.
  • Some posts are short and sweet with just a few sentences combines with photographs or video to get the message across. This makes them more likely to be viewed/read than paragraphs of text. Keep it simple and relevant.
  • Some student posts are of topics of personal interest. This makes it motivating and engaging for the students as the teacher is not always telling them which topic to post about.
  • I like how the posts are sorted into KLA categories. This would assist teacher, students, parents and visitors, especially if they had an interest in a particular area.

Huzzah Grade 6 & 7 in Canada

This blog incorporates a lot of the features of the above blog Fabulous 5C as well as a few other features I think would be useful to integrate into my/our own classroom blog.

  • Call to action at the end of each post. A question is posted at the end encouraging comments about the post. This is great to get participation.
  • Having the links to all the of the individual student blogs is a great way to get people visiting the individual blogs too, increasing traffic.


I found this article which lists ideas of what makes a good blog. A good place to start!